Small Indonesian Cargo Ship Sinks in Storm

por Redação | Iris Sant'Anna


An Indonesian cargo ship carrying food has lost a container then succumbed in the Strait of Malacca after battling heavy rain and waves, according to Straits Times.



Indonesian-flag KM Avatar, with a length of 57 metres, was battered by wind and after leaving Belawan in Indonesia at 11:00pm June 13, 2017.

It lost a container, submerged and ultimately sank 11 nautical miles off Tanjung Kling, Malaysia at about 2.30am.

KM Avatar was on its way to Batam, Indonesia and had been expected to arrive at 10:00pm June 14, 2017.

Using a lifeboat and flagging a passing ship, 13 of the Indonesian crew escaped, however the 52-year-old captain and 35-year-old chef were not with them and remain missing.

Chief Officer Hartono, said: "...Heavy rain and strong waves hit our cargo ship and our container went overboard. Our ship started listing to the left before it sank completely.

"A Swedish vessel MV Undine rescued us and contacted the authorities for help before we were brought to shore.



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